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Re: FireStore Experience

Posted by Boodro on 01/03/08 00:34

Sorry guys, sounds like I should have been MUCH more descriptive.

But I wasn't really asking if the FireStore was a great solution for
me or my specific situation. I was simply looking for other people who
may have used it (or something like it) and could tell me how much it
cuts down on the transfer process.

Either way, allow me to clarify...
I love shooting and I love editing, but sometimes I just don't have
the luxiury of waiting for the camera to physically ff or rew the tape
and play all the way through. This goes double for time-sensitive
footage like a news events (I do some freelance work every now and
then) that needs to be cut ASAP. I figured that with something like
the FireStore, "As Soon As Possible" would be much faster and more
efficient since I could pull it right onto the computer w/out having
to search & playback.

Hope this helps & thanks for the replies so far.



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