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Re: Newbie question : Taking tracks off CD

Posted by dadiOH on 01/03/08 13:54

Johnny wrote:
> PS How *do* you copy DVD's?

1. Use Shrink DVD to extract and compress the files (or an ISO) to a
folder on your local drive. Settings for Shrink are...
Output Files (all selected)
Stream Selection (English (or pref)
Subpicture (English)AC3 or LPCM).

2. Burn ISO to DVD with Alcohol 120% (or other)

Alternate second...
Use Classic Image Tool to create the iso images to record to your DVD.
(RW NOTE: newer versions use Nero). Make sure that in your settings
for Classic Image Tool, you have it set to burn generated images using
DVD Decrypter and you have set your DVD drive letter.

Lastly, if you have set up Classic correctly, DVD Decrypter will open
automatically and start to burn your DVD. If you have trouble, make
sure DVD Decrypter is set to split files at 1gb (FAT 32 Drives), CSS
Cracking method is set to Brute force and remove macrovision
protection is checked.

The files generated in this way produce the highest quality (that I
have seen) output and frankly, I cannot tell the difference between
the copy and the original other than the fact that I remove the extra
material like second or third language and subpicture...

DVD Shrink:
DVD Decrypter:
Classic Image Tool:



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