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Re: How was this multicam production done?

Posted by DanR on 01/04/08 04:20

"peter" <> wrote in message
>A week ago there was a show at kennedy center honoring director Martin
>Scorsese, actor Steve Martin, diana ross, etc. It was shot in a theater
>with audience, implying there is only one take.
> I noticed many prediction cuts -- i.e. right before some lead musical
> instrument starts playing or someone starts singing, the scene is switch
> to that musician. I'm guessing the music director gave an event list to
> the video director, who then gives the order to the camera operators and
> do the switching?
> Even with this list, how does the video director know at which second to
> switch?
> Suppose on the list it says "after the first movement, the harpsicord
> would play solo ..." Unless the video director knows the music and knows
> when the end of the first movement is, he may switch to the harpsicord too
> soon and show the musician doing nothing for a few seconds.
> Any idea how it is actually done?

You didn't say if the show aired live. If not then the cameras were iso'ed.
Each camera was recorded to (probably) tape with matching timecode. Later
the tapes were edited



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