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Re: How was this multicam production done?

Posted by MG on 01/04/08 05:58

"Jack P" <> wrote in message
>> You didn't say if the show aired live. If not then the cameras were
>> iso'ed. Each camera was recorded to (probably) tape with matching
>> timecode. Later the tapes were edited
> Heh Heh
> If you're shooting a dance recital, then you might just roll Iso cameras,
> but if it's a big Broadcast event at the Kennedy Center, then it wouldn't
> make sense to do the job without switching it as well. Usually the
> switching is the main focus -- I think the poster was talking about a TV
> show that he saw...

Yes, it was tape, and I can pretty much guarantee there was a line cut and
many isos to cover any possible fluffs. The goal on a show like that is as
little post as possible. The guy who directed it usually does the Academy
Awards, so he's used to nailing it live on big shows. All the comments
about shot sheets and rehearsals certainly apply.


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