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Re: HD-DVD Outsells Beta Ray - Amazon. No Beta Ray in top 25.

Posted by Gray One on 01/04/08 22:37

In article <Xns9A1B227F25F7EWeLovePOD@>,
> Oh stop being so pious and enjoying the smell of your own farts! Since
> when is pulling someone up for misinforming people, "dick waving"
> Voices of reason my arse! You don't score kudos points to sitting on
> the fence.
Oi POD you fat cunt! No one was sitting on any fence.. I just told some
Blu-Ray fanatic to get a fucking life or actually care about something
that does matter. Save those turtles!!!

Anyway the sad twat will be in the throws of orgasm now as he reads the
news that WB have dropped HD-DVD.

Now fuck off and hope we don't get beaten by Luton this weekend! Odds on
another Alonso goal from our own half?



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