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Re: How was this multicam production done?

Posted by jakdedert on 01/04/08 22:50

> As for jib cameras, yes, nearly any camera can be used, but it is
> usually the same type as the other cameras. In the shoots at my news
> network, we usually use Ikegami ENG-type cameras, 3-4 on tripods, one
> handheld and one on a jib. (Often, the jib operator brings only his
> jib and monitor.)
> Hope this helps.

In my case, it's not even remotely a lost art. In the event industry
(sports is another) we do it all live, to I-MAG, although almost always
it goes to tape as well--even if just for archival purposes. Many shows
I shoot are ISO'd (every camera). Tape is cheap when compared to the
other costs of the production. Very likely, little of that footage is
ever viewed, but it's there for the client if he wants it for
promotional videos etc.

Generally these are two to four camera shoots, with one or two
stationary cameras and a handheld and/or jib. Programs consist run the
gamut from 'locked down on talking head' to musical productions.
Framing is often up to the shooter ('find me something good') and/or
directed by the TD ('Get me a two-shot of x and y'; or more like 'Pull
in on x, tilt up, pan left a little, hold pull all the way
out slowly to a wide shot.').

I'm often amused that big-budget broadcast shows contain mistakes that
would cost my employer a client...not to mention the flubs that happen
regularly on local/national news broadcasts. In that sense, I suppose
it is kind of a lost art.




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