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DRM is Oxy-Moronic

Posted by <johns1947 on 01/05/08 23:44

DRM - Digital Rights Management has really got me chapped!!

I don't own an I-Pod, and I won't buy one till the DRM mess is straightned

I do burn my own CD's and have several MP3 players.

I have a small archive of downloads i made online and therin lies the

I paid good money for the songs i downloaded.
As I understand it,.. I OWN them just the same as if i had the CD.
Why can't i burn them on a cd so i can gain portabality with them???

The entire body of 'copyright' law ALLOWS for you to copy for your own
If you purchase a book or record or blueprint, you are allowed to copy it
for protection. The main sticking point is that you can not PROFIT from the

The lack of 'profit' is what caused a whole lot of cummotion when 'Napster'
first came out

Back during the stone age, I used to buy LP's and then transfer them to tape
(7 1/2 inch reel to reel). This kept the LP's in good shape.

I want to be able to live by the same philosophy today with Digital media.

We consumers need to rattle the politicians as hard as the recording
industry's lobby.



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