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Re: Is anyone NOT bothering with Blu-Ray HD-DVD ever?

Posted by Depresion on 01/07/08 13:00

"Gaz" <> wrote in message
> RCE Defiant wrote:
>> "Iridium" <> wrote in message
>>> "Depresion" <> wrote in message
>>>> "RCE Defiant" <> wrote in
>>>> message
>>>>> I know it's hard to crystal ball it and say never but I don't
>>>>> think I'll ever bother with Blu-Ray or HD-DVD unless I buy it by
>>>>> mistake as something bundled with something else. They'll have
>>>>> you flipping your collection till the end of time if you keep
>>>>> stumping up the cash for every new format they can think of. Roll
>>>>> on fibre to the house and a 20 per month all you can eat film
>>>>> subscription!
>>>> I have both, so much nicer than DVD or even the Sky HD.
>>> Fancy seeing you here heh :-)
>>> I don't have either yet, because my DVD player does upscaling, and
>>> my TV doesn't do 1080p (42" LG LCD) - so it's a bit pointless for me
>>> now. Maybe in a year or so I'll do a nice manly upgrade, get some
>>> 1080p and HD action going on.
>>> --
>>> Dan
>>> Clio V6 #57
>> Don't get me started on 1080p.
> I havent found any quality improvement watching Spiderman on Blu Ray in
> 1080p on the ps2,

You won't, try it on something that outputs full 1080p and supports Blu-Ray.
Batman Begins & Paprika both look notably better in full 1080p. Kung Fu
hustle & Star Trek aren't really noticeably better in 1080p than 720p.



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