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Re: Fix needed: read head hunts but cannot lock on

Posted by djimbo on 01/09/08 20:05

"CSHong" <> top posted in message
> 103906 wrote:
> Try reconnect the cable connector/ flex cable from the laser head to the
> logic board.
>> I have an Apex 3201 DVD player. It has been a champ and was modified
>> right after purchase via hidden menu options to have no region blocking
>> and no copypro. That's why I want to keep it even though it has a
>> problem.

Or more likely replace the laser head.
They all start to go down from the minute they're bought.
If you have access to a laser power meter, see if the it's O/P is down.
You can then often tweek a bit more life out of it with the laser power
setting, but it'll fade again, the only real answer is a replacement head.
Luckily they don't cost the arm and a leg they used to.


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