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Re: Fix needed: read head hunts but cannot lock on

Posted by djimbo on 01/11/08 08:05

"Franc Zabkar" <> wrote in message
> On Wed, 9 Jan 2008 20:05:19 -0000, "djimbo" <> put
> finger to keyboard and composed:
>>If you have access to a laser power meter, see if the it's O/P is down.
>>You can then often tweek a bit more life out of it with the laser power
>>setting, but it'll fade again, the only real answer is a replacement head.
>>Luckily they don't cost the arm and a leg they used to.
> Where do you buy yours? I've never been able to find an optical pickup
> that was priced so as to make repair worthwhile, not even at trade
> prices.
> - Franc Zabkar

Hiya Frank.
Yep I know what you mean, they aren't a viable trade repair money maker,
but for someone with a cherished machine that they want to keep going
it may be an alternative to the throw away society in which we now find
I'm guessing you may not be in the UK, but...
I use(d) CPC, their head units seem to vary between a fiver and 25 which
quite well with the 50/70 that Phillips units cost fifteen years ago.
I must be getting old...
I'll get my pipe, slippers n cardigan out now & get back in my rocking


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