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Ripping vinyl to MP3

Posted by Reverse first and last names on 01/11/08 15:42

I have done my research and find very little current stuff on ripping
vinyl LPs to MP3. I got an ION USB turntable to Christmas. It came
with EZ Vinyl Converter and Audacity. I didn't care for EZ Vinyl
Converter at all. Audacity was really good at capturing the files and
editing them, but didn't do well splitting the tracks.

Spin it Again has done really well at splitting the tracks and
automatically labeling the tracks with their database, but I don't
like the audio capture part.

I've downloaded a bunch of programs and didn't care for parts of them:

Golden Record didn't have an online database

LP Ripper didn't have an online database

I bought RecordNow from Roxio/Sonic. I can't hear the music while I
record it and their tech support solution (after a 6 day wait) was to
disable all non-Microsoft software. Also, their database with
GraceNote had serious problems and the track splitter didn't work too

Any suggestions for a good ripper with WAV editor, auto track
splitting and auto-ID and download of track info?




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