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Re: Universal Remote

Posted by Gunther Gloop on 01/12/08 22:53

Peter wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Jan 2008 17:12:17 -0000, "RCE Defiant" <dfgsfdg@ggg.ggg>
> wrote:
>> Anyone got one for dealing with their 5000 remotes? How do you rate it?
> Best I've yet found is the Marantz RC 1400. But I think that
> production ceased some while ago.
> I tried a Logitech Harmony (sorry, don't remember exactly which model
> it was), but didn't like it. The buttons were too small, and had a
> nasty 'clicky' feel. I much prefer the softer feel of the Marantz.
> I've still got a Marantz RC 2000, which is pretty good. Unfortunately,
> the balance is wrong - the batteries are at the wrong end, with the
> result that it tips nose-down.

The Marantz 2000 is my 2nd favourite universal remote. I agree with the
top-heavy remark, but besides that and being butt-ugly, it did a great job.
Alas, mine fell apart with children. Over time.

The Pronto is still unbeatable for me. I don't allow children near it

The Harmonys come third. I've had the chance to use a number of them,
but overall my favourite one is still probably their first universal one
(?) -or at least the first one I had. The 650 I think.
Last I heard of it, it was selling in bargain bins for less than 20quid

All other Harmonys have been updates to that, but not adding much in the
way of power or performance. "Style" has been their main plus point,
but many of the so-called advances have actually been backwards steps
-the colour screens are wasted, flush-buttons on the 885 are awful,
longer design makes things too troublesome, etc.

They all use the same underlying software too. If you've used one, the
latest model has the exact same 'quirks' as what you've been living with
up to now.
If the design alone has you sold, then the latest Harmony is your baby.


....Come in Trendy Uncle. You're up. ;)



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