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Re: Universal Remote

Posted by RCE Defiant on 01/13/08 16:51

"POD {ҿ}" <DONT.EVEN.TRY.IT@DEADSPAM.COM> wrote in message
> "RCE Defiant" <dfgsfdg@ggg.ggg> once tried to test me. I ate their liver
> with some fava beans and a nice chianti
>> "Peter" <> wrote in message
>>> On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 10:38:10 GMT, Jon Ross <> wrote:
>>>>I have the Xbox360 branded Harmony and one problem I have with it is
>>>>that (unless I am missing an option) the volume controls are tied to
>>>>each device. So if I am controlling my 360/original xbox/projector I
>>>>have to go back to the device selection screen to select my amp in
>>>>order to change the volume. It would be nice if you could tell it to
>>>>always set volume to a single device.
>>> That's interesting, and worth knowing. Tying the volume control for
>>> every device to my AV amp is something I've always done with my
>>> Marantz remotes. (I didn't keep my Harmony long enough to discover
>>> that problem - I disliked it that much!)
>>> Peter.
>> I'm getting the Harmony 885. Will see how I get on. As long it stops
>> the miss's moaning she has to do 10 things just to play tunes on the
>> mediacenter I'll be happy.
>> --
>> RCE Defiant
> How much are you paying for it?
> --
> Thank you kindly
> POD {ҿ}
> .`..`..`..`..`..`..`.
> Oh people, know that you have committed great sins.
> If you ask me what proof I have for these words,
> I say it is because I am the punishment of God.
> If you had not committed great sins,
> God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.
> .`..`..`..`..`..`..`.

Well they're going for about 80+ on Fleabay or pixmania have them for 91
brand new with 2 year warranty (P&P approx 6) . I'm leaning towards getting
one from PixMania.

RCE Defiant



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