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Re: Universal Remote

Posted by Kevin Reilly on 01/13/08 21:29

On Sat, 12 Jan 2008 Gunther Gloop wrote:

>3. I don't like the idea of the touchscreen being used for
>frequently-used buttons such as the colour buttons. In fact, I found
>the lack of colour buttons the biggest reason I kept going back to my
>Sky+ remote instead of this.
>It's nice to know where the blue "favourites" button is without having
>to look to the touchscreen all the time (and without having to move my
>hand too much, stretching it all the way up the loong remote).

I noticed this on the web page before I'd read your mini review, and am
forced to agree. My primary uses for any universal remote would be to
drive a Topfield PVR with MyStuff UI upstairs, and a Virgin Media V+ box
downstairs, both of which have very specific functions on the colour

It would be difficult enough for me to look to the screen every time I
needed one of those functions (or to remember what alternate button I'd
remapped it to) but my fiancee simply wouldn't be able to cope if the V+
box was saying "Press Yellow to delete" and there was no yellow button
to press.

If we end up with a Harmony remote it looks as though it'll be the 555
or 785. The physical buttons are a must.

"I can see the carrot at the end of the tunnel."
Stuart Pearce



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