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Re: Universal Remote

Posted by Gunther Gloop on 01/13/08 23:56

Gaz wrote:
> RCE Defiant wrote:
>>> uhm, the haromony 1000 looks pretty interesting
>> I want a remote that fit's in my hand. If I fancied the 1000 I'd et
>> some remote control software for my laptop instead!
> The 885 does have a look of the Tivo Peanut remote about it, the Tivo remote
> is possibly the best designed remote ever, it feels so good, if a universal
> out there captures the feel of it, it might be worth it.

Most of the buttons on the 885 are too flush and too difficult to find
quickly without looking most of the time.
Even when you "remember" where they should be, it's easy to find
yourself pushing the wrong one because they all feel the same.
I usually pushed the mute button when meaning to press volume up/down
for instance. You can remap buttons if this happens frequently of
course, but then they don't do what they say they're supposed to.

It looks and feels nice otherwise. Nice weight and shape to it.

These "annoyances" are fixed for the most part on the 200, but it has
some new ones as I pointed out in the other post.




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