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Re: Advice on music player

Posted by NRen2k5 on 07/07/31 12:00

The iPod meets most of those requirements, except for supporting all the
file formats you list.
Format support is always a toughie. Of the ones
you listed, the iPod supports WMA (unprotected), AAC and MP3. If you
really do have anything in ATRAC, I suggest you convert it to something
else. ATRAC is a dead format and never did have support outside of Sony
devices anyway.

A N Oldman wrote:
> As an old codger who is probably the only person in the world without
> a PMP I would welcome suggestions.
> Requirements:-
> 1 High quality audio reproduction
> 2 Non-proprietary headphone socket
> 3 Manageable by software running under Win Xp Pro
> 4 Memory - 2GB probably big enough
> 5 MUST play tracks continuously i.e. gapless. I listen to opera where
> the CDs are divided into multiple tracks. Do not want a break betwen
> them. Please don't advise that I merge them into one track (hope the
> reasons are obvious)
> 6 Not fussy about file format. I guess order of precedence hi to lo a)
> 7 Interface to PC USB
> 8 Style is of little consequence - it will be in my pocket!
> 9 Video playback not a requirement but if necessary to achieve the
> others not a problem.



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