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Re: I need advice: Aja io hd or Motu v3hd?

Posted by Martin Heffels on 01/18/08 20:21

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:48:00 -0500, "Jim" <jimmy AT> wrote:

>Ability to use more RAM

If it wasn't for the drivers, you could try XP 64.....

>and DX10 are 2 legitimate reasons to go Vista.

DX10 is only interesting for hardcore gamers. Tests have shown that in some
cases the framerates of some games, were slower under DX10 & Vista,
thanunder DX9 & XP.

>Whether they actually outweigh the cons is another thing.

Exactly. For us, videots, Vista is a waste of money, as it brings nothing
to benefit the editing. You're much better off with a new CPU, which will
improve things much better.


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