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Re: Question about a wide-angle adapter

Posted by Richard Crowley on 01/19/08 03:43

"Jacques E. Bouchard" wrote in...
> "Jacques E. Bouchard" wrote :
>> I bought a 0.5x wide-angle adapter on ebay for my camcorder. Instead
>> of the 43mm adapter I ordered, I received a 37mm with an adapter
>> ring.
>> When I use it with the camcorder fully zoomed out, there are very
>> noticeable rounded corners.
>> Is this a normal effect of a wide-angle lens, or is it because of the
>> adapter?
> UPDATE: I found out that if I remove the camcorder's UV filter and
> mount
> the adapter directly on the lens, the vignetting almost completely
> disappears in 16:9. It's non-existent in 4:3.

Was it advertised as a real 43mm adapter, but they
sent you the 37mm? Sounds like false advertising or
"bait-n-switch" to me. I would return it for the real
thing (43mm) or a refund.



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