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Re: which out of these two cables/ports is best for my miniDV camcorder?

Posted by Ilya Zakharevich on 01/22/08 00:11

[A complimentary Cc of this posting was sent to
Peter D
<>], who wrote in article <>:
> > If you know WHY the throughput is not close to the theoretical maximum,
> > please explain.
> It's all there.

yeah, right...

> The theoretical bandwith (400Mbit/sec) relies on perfect cable length,
> perfect cable materials, and perfect hardware acting perfectly while doing
> nothing else.

If it were so, how would this differ from Firewire? And since using
better cables and hardware which does nothing else DOES NOT improve
the USB throughput, I do not think this is a correct explanation.

> and more than one item on the USB 'network' degrades performance.

Why do you repeat this BS? Having a dedicated USB controller does not
let performance to be anywhere close to the theoretical maximum.

> further. USB is inherently "busy" and "chatty". And that makes it useless
> for Vidoe transfer if Firewire is available.

Year, right! Now a presence of Firewire starts to influence USB

Again: if you know some real technical info, please let us know,



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