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Re: Another 3.54 question

Posted by Penelope Pitstop on 01/22/08 13:51

john <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanx for all of your suggestions. WinMX 3.54 is up and running,
> DLing smoothly.
> One little wrinkle--when trying to play a file during DL, I
> right-click, select PLAY, and nothing happens. Right click, select
> OPEN, same result. I have to manually open winamp and point it to
> the file holding the
> mp3 DLs.
> I think I'm running Winamp version 2.0. Is there a particular version
> of Winamp that winmx is looking for?
> Thank you all, again.

The version of Winamp shouldn't make a difference, but your file
associations would. Is Winamp your default mp3 player? WinMX should
use the default mp3 player to play mp3 files without any complications.

Since you use Win98, locate an mp3 in a Windows Explorer folder.
Right-click the file, and then click Open With. If Open With is not an
option, hold down the SHIFT key while right-clicking the file. Open
With should now be an option. In the Open With dialog box, select
Winamp. Click to select the "Always use this program to open these
files" check box to make this the default program to open files with the
same extension. Click OK.

If Winamp still will not play your mp3s from within WinMX, there are
other options.
One, uninstall both Winamp and WinMX, delete any leftovers from their
program folders and the registry, then do a "clean" install of both -
Winamp first, *then* WinMX. This can be a headache and novices really
should stay far away from the registry, but it should do the job. But
what if you don't want to go to all the trouble or you don't want Winamp
to be your default mp3 player?

Two, you could "launch" Winamp from within WinMX, as naive user
suggested, and this is how.

Navigate to Winamp.exe in Program Files - probably C:\Program
Files\Winamp\winamp.exe - right-click on winamp.exe and then Create
Shortcut. Move the shortcut to your WinMX program folder. Shorten the
name of the shortcut to just "Winamp".

With WinMX open, click Settings, then File Launching. Type in "Winamp"
in the Title box.

Enter ".mp3" (sans quotes) into the File Ext box along with any other
extensions you want Winamp to play. Place one space between each
extension and don't forget the leading periods.

In the Action box, enter Open.

In the Command box, enter the name of the shortcut you created -
"Winamp.lnk" (sans quotes). It is *very* important to add the hidden
link (".lnk") extension.

In the Params box, enter "%path%" (*with* quotes). Leave Working Dir
blank, click Save, then Close. Right-click an mp3 (at least partially
downloaded) from your Transfers window, select Winamp and it should

This method also works with other applications such as Alba Extractor
and VLC.

Launching info "borrowed" from Don M. who posted it to this NG many
moons ago. I just tweaked it a bit to fit Winamp. ;-)

Hope this helps.




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