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Re: Comparing sony V1 to PD170

Posted by ushere on 01/23/08 10:08

richard wrote:
> We can shoot test footage and compare, and it's difficult to pick a
> difference. But everyone at our company agrees that over the time we've
> used V1's (about a year), our videos lack contrast compared to prior
> footage shot on the PD170. Is this a known drawback of the CMOS chip vs
> CCD? Since we don't record in HD much I'm about ready to buy some more
> PD170's to replace the ageing ones in our stock.
> thanks.

i have both, though the 170 is great in low light when compared to the
v1(p), i shoot everything in hd, edit hd, and then render to whatever -
usually sd widescreen. with this workflow the difference is very
apparent in favour of the v1. then again, i'm shooting in good light.
and to answer your second email question, you don't really give much
detail, but i use either wmv or divx, the latter giving phenomenal




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