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Re: How to watch movies after migrating to USA?

Posted by ChairmanOfTheBored on 01/26/08 02:34

On Fri, 25 Jan 2008 22:36:15 +1100, Capitalismuntamed
<> wrote:

>On 2008-01-22 09:11:28 +1100, Doug Jacobs <> said:
>>> Lions for
>>> Lambs).
>> I've seen those multiple movies-per-DVD discs before.
>> About half of them contained different movies than what the packaging
>> indicated. Many of the movies weren't even in English - they were dubbed
>> in French, German, or other languages, with fixed subtitles you couldn't
>> turn off (sometimes, the subtitles weren't in English either.) Some titles
>> were obviously filmed on a handicam in a theater. Mmmm...nothing says
>> "quality" like hearing the camera operator snoring into the mic. Speaking
>> of quality, DVD these ain't. They're essentially highly compressed and
>> re-encoded VCDs, making VHS tape look pristine by comparison.
>> I can almost understand buying garbage like this when you were back in
>> Afghanistan, but in the US? There's no reason to pirate, unless you're just
>> a scum bag. As I mentioned previously, many libraries will rent DVD - even
>> new releases - for free and unlike these crummy 6-movies-crammed-on-a-disc,
>> they look tons better AND are legal
>Yes, and you can make perfect FREE copies of them! Bittorrent is really
>good too!

Your nym should be "Lameismforlife"



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