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DVD recorders that will display a chapter menu?

Posted by on 11/01/78 12:01

I want to put my home movies onto DVD's and I want to be able to
display a chapter menu so I can choose which scenes to watch when I
watch it. I have had 2 different machines here over the last week and
can't make either one do what I want it to do.

I've had a Samsung DVD-VR357 from WalMart and now a Zenith XBR716 that
came from Radio Shack. Both of them recorded fine from my camcorder
to a DVD and all that and both will display a Title Menu but not a
Chapter Menu within the Title. I have discovered that I can divide my
video into various Titles and make a Menu that way but that is time
consuming and a hassle. I am recording on DVD+RW and DVD-R. I know
the -R won't take editing but the +RW should so I figure I should be
able to divide the Title into Chapters and display the first scene of
each chapter in a Menu. I know how to divide into Chapters. It's
displaying them in a menu that I can't seem to do.

Does anybody know of a DVD recorder that will display a Chapter Menu?





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