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Re: Printing to NON inject printable CDs and DVDs

Posted by Rod Speed on 11/13/03 12:01

Mike Richter <> wrote
> Rod Speed wrote

>> I want to be able to print to *NON* inkjet printable CDs and DVDs.

>> You can write on these fine with a Sharpie etc but when you use normal ink, it takes a hell of a long time for the
>> ink to dry enough so it doesnt smudge.

>> I just want to put a little bit of text on the CD or DVD, not full artwork etc obviously.

>> Has anyone seen anyone offering ink thats similar to whats in a Sharpie etc ?

>> Better if the ink is meant for an inkjet printer, because most printers that will print on CDs and DVDs have a
>> separate print head and since I dont want to have to fart around flushing the heads after every print on a CD or
>> DVD...

> Use a thermal printer.

No thanks, cant justify the cost of those, even used.

The marginally higher price for an inject printer than can print on CDs and DVDs is trivial to justify tho.



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