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Re: Printing to NON inject printable CDs and DVDs

Posted by smh on 11/01/61 12:01

.. --------------------------------------
Mike Richter, were you born with
"Scam Artist" emblazoned on your face?

(No Mikey S-Lickers have been able to prove ANY of the above )
(is a LIBEL -- despite Mikey claimed to have PROOF of libels!)

Mike Richter squeaked:
> <snip>

Does Sanford know anything now, Mikey?

From: smh
Date: 12/8/04
Subject: DVD Labels

Mike Richter crapped:
> Sanford, maker of the Sharpie, recommends against it for
> the purpose, suggesting their pens with water-based ink.
> Of course, what do they know?

Of course, you must have just dug that out of your ass,
isn't that right, Mikey?

(From CD-R FAQ)
The official word from Sanford is:

"Sanford has used Sharpie Markers on CDs for years and we have
never experienced a problem. We do not believe that the Sharpie
ink can affect these CDs, however we have not performed any
long-term laboratory testing to verify this. We have spoken to
many major CD manufacturers about this issue. They use the
Sharpie Markers on CDs internally as well, and do not believe
that the Sharpie Ink will cause any harm to their products.

Sanford Consumer Affairs"



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