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Re: Printing to NON inject printable CDs and DVDs

Posted by Rod Speed on 10/30/28 12:01

Arthur Entlich <> wrote:
> Basically, as I understand it, there are two types of printable
> CDs/DVDs which will work with standard inkjet printers, one with a
> white surface and one with a transparent surface, both specially
> designed for this purpose. Some people have found the clear surface a
> hassle, as it is slow to dry and finicky with some inks, and with
> getting the right look.
> Standard non-printable disks have a synthetic lacquer on them which
> doe snot accept water based or even pigment inks. It isn't porous,
> so the ink sits on the surface and VERY slowly dries, but will rub
> off or smear if it gets wet.
> There are special solvent inkjet printers which use a special
> formulation of ink that "sets" with UV light exposure or with heat.
> This keeps the heads from clogging because the ink will literally not
> harden without UV or heat. I don't think standard inkjet printers will
> tolerate these inks, but maybe someone has experimented and succeeded.

Thats essentially what I was asking.

> Rod Speed wrote:
>> Keith <> wrote
>>> Rod Speed wrote
>>>> I want to be able to print to *NON* inkjet printable CDs and DVDs.
>>>> You can write on these fine with a Sharpie etc but when you use
>>>> normal ink, it takes a hell of a long time for the ink to dry enough so it
>>>> doesnt smudge.
>>>> I just want to put a little bit of text on the CD or DVD, not full
>>>> artwork etc obviously.
>>>> Has anyone seen anyone offering ink thats similar to whats in a
>>>> Sharpie etc ?
>>>> Better if the ink is meant for an inkjet printer, because most
>>>> printers that will
>>> print on CDs and DVDs have a separate print head and since I dont
>>> want to have to fart around flushing the heads after every print on
>>> a CD or DVD...
>>> From Maxell's web site:
>>> Question: What's the best way to Label CD-R Media?
>>> Answer: Use a felt-tipped water based pen such as the Maxell Disk
>>> Writer (CD-P1, Item #190705).
>>> I suspect that Office Max or Office Depot would have such pens.
>> I already said I use Sharpies and want to use an inkjet printer
>> instead.



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