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Re: Printing to NON inject printable CDs and DVDs

Posted by Arthur Entlich on 11/08/15 12:01

The term "thermal printer" is not specific enough. Thermal printers
simply mean they use heat in some manner to print.

There are thermal printers which use the heat to activate a specially
treated paper that is heat sensitive, as mentioned, that's how older fax
machines and many point of sale receipt machines now work.

Then there are thermal head printers which use the heat of a resistor to
heat liquid inks to propel the ink out. The Canon, Lexmark and most HP
printers use this or similar technologies.

Then there is a thermal transfer printer, which uses a ribbon or sheet
with transfer dye or plastic. The head heats the sheet in the locations
where the transfer is to occur, and the dye or ink is melted onto the
surface of the object or paper.

Then there is thermal inks, which remain liquid on the surface of the
object until the surface is heated to "set" the ink and solidify it,

Then there is dye sublimation thermal process, where the ribbon or sheet
contains a dye color that sublimes when heated to vapor which transfer
to a special receiver sheet where it reforms into a solid within the
paper surface.

And lastly, there is dye sublimation thermal transfer, where the dye sub
inks are printed into a transfer sheet, usually in mirror image, and
that sheet is clamped to a an object like a mug or plate which is coated
with a receptor surface. The clamp is heated and this vaporizes the
inks and they migrate to the receptor surface. That's how those photo
mugs are made, for instance.


Terryc wrote:

> Mike Richter wrote:
>> Use a thermal printer.
> you have done this?
> AFAIK, thermal printers use a special "paper"



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