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Re: Good true DVB receiver right now

Posted by alt on 05/03/24 12:01

On Sun, 27 Jan 2008 09:53:51 -0600, Rich Piehl wrote:

> Somebody asked me for the name of a good DVB blind search receiver that
> would also move the dish. In the past I would have said a 3688 or
> something along those lines.

Well, I don't know how good they are in comparison, but I have a Pansat
2700 that does a pretty good job. It'd probably do a better job if I had
a high stability LNB (+/-125kHz). It's been discontinued, but the newer
models should do pretty good. Another note for this unit, it'll drive a
Chapparal co-rotator directly.

> But now so many of the blind search receivers are little more than boxes
> waiting to have the bins rewritten so they be used for hacking. For
> true DVB stuff they're only mediocre.
> So I'll ask the question here: name a good DVB blind search receiver
> that would also move the dish.

I don't think any MPEG receiver will move the dish directly, but you can
get something like a "Technomate V Box" which will drive a C-band dish's
actuator. It uses Diseqc motor commands to cross-reference with the
actuator position that you set for a specific satellite.

> Don't need to think about 4:2:2, BTW -
> that's covered.

I use a PCI card for that ;-)

> I've considered the possibility of a blind search
> receiver that won't move the dish and then an inexpensive C band
> receiver for moving the dish.
> Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

I would recommend against an HD receiver at this time unless it also can
receive 8PSK transmission and MPEG-4 (which is where everything is most
likely going for HD).

> Thanks.
> Take care,
> Rich
> God bless the USA

God bless the USA and God bless Canada.



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