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Re: What is the best way to quickly produce a DVD for a church service?

Posted by Richard Crowley on 11/11/24 12:01

"Arny Krueger" wrote ...
> "nobody special" wrote
>> A hardware CG For under a hundred dollars? Maybe ebay. A
>> brand new one under a hundred will be of stunningly bad
>> quality, like Videonics used to maek one in that range.
>> If you mean software, there are different things out
>> there that range in complexity from powerpoint,
>> scan-converted to NTSC video, on up to copies of older
>> versions of Image North Inscriber, Comet CG, etc.
> Time to update your software knowlege - every under-$100 video editor
> and probably some of the freeware ones do all kinds of titling.

We were talking about real-time solutions that would allow the
OP to add titles to a live video stream while recording "live to disc"
(or sending out for cable/broadcast, etc). Certiainly, you are correct
that virtually any video editing application will do some sort of titling
after the fact (in post-production).



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