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Re: What is the best way to quickly produce a DVD for a church service?

Posted by Richard Crowley on 11/24/17 12:01

"Arny Krueger" wrote...
> "Richard Crowley" wrote
>> "Arny Krueger" wrote ...
>>> "nobody special" wrote
>>>> A hardware CG For under a hundred dollars? Maybe ebay. A
>>>> brand new one under a hundred will be of stunningly bad
>>>> quality, like Videonics used to maek one in that range.
>>>> If you mean software, there are different things out
>>>> there that range in complexity from powerpoint,
>>>> scan-converted to NTSC video, on up to copies of older
>>>> versions of Image North Inscriber, Comet CG, etc.
>> We were talking about real-time solutions that would
>> allow the OP to add titles to a live video stream while recording
>> "live to disc" (or sending out for cable/broadcast, etc).
> Well then, I've been party to doing that by the means suggested above.
> We have a computer running Powerpoint in 2-display mode, whose output is
> split, with part of it being converted to NTSC using a $79 VGA to NTSC
> converter. We feed the NTSC video a $600 Korg 4-input video mixer and mix
> it with the real-time video from a camera. The resulting NTSC stream is
> fed to a $200 consumer DVD recorder. We do this every Sunday. The operator
> of this part of the operation is a ca. 45 year-old matron who also
> controls the Powerpoint presentation while she is mixing.

Yeah, I've done that too. Just used the composite video output
of a computer to feed into the key input of a switcher (e.g. my
Sony SEG-2000, etc.) Unfortunately, since there is no alpha
channel, you don't get any kind of linear keying and you are stuck
with pretty basic (and boring) flat titles over video. :-(

>> Certiainly, you are correct that virtually any video
>> editing application will do some sort of titling after
>> the fact (in post-production).
> As far as after-the fact processing goes, I'm getting the following
> timings for editing 90 minutes of NTSC program material with PE4 on a 2 GB
> PC with a 6 GHz dual core Athlon64 under XP, running off a single 250 GB
> 7200 rpm drive:
> (1) Open MPEG capture file which includes indexing and transcoding to
> DV-AVI for PE4 processing - about 4 minutes.
> (2) Edit to trim the ends and overlay and align 4 pre-fabed titles and a
> DVD menu with pointers to 3 places in the video - 4 minutes.
> (3) Burn 90 minute DVD - approximately 15 minutes.
> I think duplication on a tower-style DVD copier takes about another half
> hour.

Yeah, that sounds more like what I would expect.
Not sure exactly what takes all that time for the OP.



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