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Re: Universal & Paramount's HUGE Catalogs HD-DVD has 43% of titiles avaliable just from those studios.

Posted by ChairmanOfTheBored on 11/03/84 12:01

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 15:06:24 GMT, Alan F <>

>Jer wrote:
>> ChairmanOfTheBored wrote:
>>> On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 00:55:21 GMT, in Technicolor® <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> I recently saw in HD Alfred Hitchcock's TROUBLE WITH HARRY which was
>>>> filmed in 8 perf VistaVision. It is just drop dead goregous and
>>>> could have been filmed yesterday.
>>>> The 40's was the heyday of Black and White and material from that
>>>> area transfers nicely to HD as well.
>>>> Morgan
>>> I don't see it available anywhere in HD.
>>> It is a favorite of mine, and Hitchcock's only comedy. I would want
>>> that in a HD format.
>> Musta been viewed as upconverted, I don't see it in any HD library.
> The Trouble With Harry recently aired on the HDNet Movie channel as
>part of a Hitchcock movie theme month or months. HDNet Movies aired
>about 10 Hitchcock movies all in HD and in OAR. Rear Window showed some
>signs of age with some not quite pristine shots, but it was an early
>widescreen movie from 1954. But that is quibbling as it generally looked
>very good. Vertigo, Psycho and the Birds looked excellent in HD.

720... maybe Won't be any better than that from a pipe.
> Many more movies have been remastered in HD than have been released on
>Blu-ray or HD-DVD.

Yes, and they are only worth putting onto one of those formats. Being
sent over satellite after who know how much retarded compression and
degradation of sound quality mean it will be at who know what true

> And old TV shows for that matter. Catalog sales have
>been poor for the two formats, so the studios are obviously waiting for
>the total HD media market to grow before spending the money to package a
>lot of catalog titles.

I love it when these bent perception dopes come in talking about what
the studios want or are doing. What you say here is pure speculation.

> Meanwhile, a number of the older titles show up
>on HDNet Movies and other HD movie channels.

And are not HD after they get through degrading it before it gets sent
to you.



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