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Re: Universal & Paramount's HUGE Catalogs HD-DVD has 43% of titiles avaliable just from those studios.

Posted by JBDragon on 11/01/59 12:01

"Tarkus" <> wrote in message
> khee mao wrote:
>> I have players for both formats, you slopeheaded baboon, and couldn't
>> give a shit about anything beyond watching the actual movie in hd.
>> period. all that extra garbage is exactly that. garbage. if you think
>> some slack jawed commentary pip is 'half' of the show, you're a fucking
>> idiot, but that's being redundant.
> This may come as a shock to you, but they're marketing to other people
> besides yourself. Obviously, there's a market for those other features;
> they're not adding them for the joy of it. It's business.

There's a HUGE market for these features. This is a FACT! All you need to
do is think a little. Why is it when a DVD Movie get's released, 6 months
later, a new Release with extra features? People buy yet another copy of
the movie to get the extra stuff. Again and again. Or later they come out
with exteneded versions, and/or Director Cuts. If all everyone just wanted
was to see the movie and that's it, why spend all this time and MONEY with
all the extra's? Some movies they spend a lot of money on all the fancy
menu's and the extra content, it's even more so on the HD DVD's Movies with
Downloadable content, and other cool and new features that were never
possible with DVD.

Sure I love watching movies, I own Hundreds of them, but I like the extra's.
I like to see how they made parts of a movie and learn all kinds of other
things. Look at the latest release of Blade Runner, on DVD, HD DVD and
Blu-Ray, It's 1 Movie, yet there's 5 Disc's! I owned a copy from years
ago, and now I own the latest release. I got "There's something about Mary"
only later to buy"There's something more about Mary" Same movie, extra
content. This game has been going on for years, and if it didn't SELL,
they wouldn't be doing it, let alone incress it on a new HD Disc format.



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