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Re: Blu Ray

Posted by RCE Defiant on 01/29/08 19:51

"Mal F" <> wrote in message
In article <>, dfgsfdg@ggg.ggg says...

> I've been thinking about just chucking a Blu-Ray
> player into my mediacentre. Pioneer look's good.

Aye the Pioneer BDC-S02BK 5x Blu-Ray Reader Combo DVDDL retail version
looks a reasonable price (111.61 from Scan - free postage for avforum

If you don't intend to get any HD-DVD discs ever it's worth the 30
difference between that and my LG.

Being a former member of the last UMDPR - HD-DVD looked like the best
format at the time I bought mine ;-)


"Please be informed that Port 80 is meant only for the FTP files
Deewna, BT Total Broadband Support

Yeah bring back the ring of fire! I don't want any Blu-Gay though.

RCE Defiant



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