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Re: Is It Possible To Download Music Legally Anymore?

Posted by Technobarbarian on 01/30/08 16:35

<> wrote in message
> Throughout the past few years downloading music on the internethas
> increased in popularity. At the same time though, it hasbecome illegal
> through many companies to download music asmusicians and artists have
> been losing money on their CD sales.With many people being sued in the
> past couple years fordownloading music, is it really possible to
> download musiclegally anymore? If so, at what price will it cost you
> todownload music?
> As music sites such as Napster and Kazaa and many more haveattempted
> to create sites to download music for free, they havejust increased
> the problem that much more. Some of the users ofthese programs have
> learned the hard way that music does notcome free, as they were sued
> for illegally downloading music.

Define "legally"? The people being sued in the United States are being
sued for uploading. The RIAA is suing one usenet provider for uploading. As
far as I know none of the people using the service are being sued for
downloading. In what countries are people being sued for downloading?

You can rent music with DRM and convert it to unprotected formats. The
download was legal. Depending on which country you live in converting it
might not be legal.

And then there's always music files you can buy for a buck a tune and
loads of great music that's available from the artists who made it with
little or no charge.




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