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Posted by POD {ҿ} on 01/31/08 01:58

"Pheasant Plucker" <pheasant@plucker.not> once tried to test me. I ate
their liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti

> A question for those of you who might still be here - when you left
> Pipex who did you migrate to and are they any good?

I eventually went to Zen, who were expensive, but great. However I am
now with Virgin, which is a mixed bag, but I'm not as arsed these days.

But if you want to stick with ADSL and not go cable, I would go Zen, I
will go back if I ever switch back to a BT line.

But saying that, it has been 14 months, they could be total bollox for
all I know ;-)

Oh yeah...fuck off!! ;-)

Thank you kindly

POD {ҿ}
Oh people, know that you have committed great sins.
If you ask me what proof I have for these words,
I say it is because I am the punishment of God.
If you had not committed great sins,
God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.



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