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Re: Printing to NON inject printable CDs and DVDs

Posted by Rod Speed on 01/31/08 21:55

Richard Steinfeld <> wrote
> David Z wrote

>> Guys, don't fall for this - it's a troll pretending to be Speed. This question is too stupid

> Damn! You're absolutely right.


> His logic is totally wacko,


> beginning with water-based ink problems on plastic.

Never ever said that. I was asking about a NON water based ink.

> He's been successful as a troll, too:

You wouldnt know what a real troll was if one bit you on your lard arse.

> look at how many posts he stirred up over this crap.

Might just be because a few did actually manage to understand the question.

> Including my own (groan).

You just mindlessly rabitted on about what everyone knew already
and missed the point completely. Couldnt even manage to work out
that I use Sharpies already and want to use a printer instead and
was asking if there is any ink available thats similar to whats in
Sharpies that does write on non printable CDs and DVDs fine.

> Cross-posted, too.

Like it or lump it.



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