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Re: ambient sound

Posted by Jim on 02/01/08 02:42

"Rick M" <> wrote in message
> Bill Fright wrote:
>> Richard Crowley wrote:
>>> "Rick M" wrote ...
>>>> We're looking to relocate our sound board in a church
>>>> from the back corner of the balcony to either the
>>>> middle of a wrap-around balcony or in a 'sound booth'
>>>> in the back.
>>>> On argument is that the operator must be in the open
>>>> to judge the sound.
>>>> The other argument is that all
>>>> audio and video and projection and recording folk
>>>> ought to be in there own secluded, secure,
>>>> non-distracting from the rest of the people location.
>>>> I say that moving operators, screens, and fans are
>>>> a big distraction, plus they will use the space for
>>>> 18 or so people-in-pews.
>>>> What's your view? What facts are needed?
>>> Is this the "FOH opeator"? That is the person who controls the
>>> mix and levels for the sound heard by the audience. (FOH =
>>> Front Of House") That person MUST be in a position to hear
>>> a representative sample of what the audience is hearing. If you
>>> employ professional engineers you might be able to get away
>>> with putting them in an isolated location, but even most pros
>>> will balk strongly at that. Putting amateur sound operators in
>>> an isolated location for running FOH sound is a guaranteed
>>> disaster. It is hard enough to get them to run things correctly
>>> when they CAN hear properly.
>>> If you are creating any mixes for other uses (recording,
>>> overflow, TV, etc. etc.), then you really need a separate
>>> operator with their own mixer creating this mix in an isolated
>>> environment so that they can also hear what they are doing.
>>> But they SHOULD NOT be able to hear what is going on
>>> in the main audience area because it will interfere with their
>>> ability to mix properly.
>> The above is all true and I'd add that the audio guy will much appreciate
>> having line of sight to the stage and wings.
> If we can preserve line of sight, must the audio mixer (for a church)
> really need to be in amongst the congregation?! I doubt it very very much
> as it is a distraction to others if he or she is stuck in front of them!

For proper monitoring of house sound, the foh engineer should be in the
sweet spot.
In the middle where the speakers converge.
You can put him wherever you want to, but you will be sacrificing the
ability to properly monitor what is being presented.



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