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Re: Sony Vegas 8 Unable to Run on Vista?

Posted by T.B. on 02/01/08 03:28

"Mike Kujbida" wrote:


> Here's one "possible" solution from the Sony Vegas forum.
> HTH.
> **********************************
> The cause for this failure was a messed up installation of the "Microsoft
> Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable" on my system. For some reason, that will
> remain a mystery to all of us, a run-time component of that installation
> was missing. Vegas and DVDA rely on that one for their installation and
> subsequent execution.
> The fix was a complete uninstall of the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
> Redistribution" component. That allows the Vegas and/or DVDA installation
> kit to re-install it completely.
> **********************************

That was one of the first things the Sony tech asked me to do, uninstall
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable along with every component of
anything related to Sony Creative Suite and reinstall the newest update of
Vegas first, but unfortunately it didn't help me. From he said, that is
*one* of the problems with the current version on Vista but it appears among
other things, it's can be driver issues, some associated with the (terrible)
Windows Media Center on "some" systems. There's also an issue with some of
the .dll files in the plug ins folder but again, there isn't any real
consistency to the problem on all pcs using Vista.

I'm just looking for people who've had similar problems and perhaps come up
with a fix I haven't tried yet.




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