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Re: Sony Vegas 8 Unable to Run on Vista?

Posted by PTravel on 02/01/08 03:44

"T.B." <> wrote in message
>I recently bought Sony Vegas Studio 8 specifically because it's advertised
>as being Windows Vista compatible, plus I have an older version of Vegas
>and for the most part, really liked the software and had few if any
>problems with it.
> However, once I installed the software, it fails to initiallize, and
> crashes as it's loading the "audio engine." I updated the software to the
> latest version (8.0c) with no change in the problem. I spent much of a day
> earlier this week going back and forth with a Sony tech trying to solve
> the problem, doing things like uninstalling *all* Sony Creative software
> and installed vegas first, disabling all but the most essential processes
> running in task manager and disabling my sound card drivers. No effect.
> FWIW, my pc is a HPm9040, 32 bit, running Vista Home Premium. I have the
> latest version of Quicktime, my version of Vista is completly up to date,
> there's no memory, hard drive, hardware or software or *any* other obvious
> issues that would cause this sort of problem. It should also be mentioned
> that the latest versions of Sony's Soundforge and DVD Architect seems to
> run fine.
> By reading many other threads on several a/v forums, I can see that my
> problem of Vegas 8 crashing during application start-up under Windows
> Vista is far from an isolated case. Some people with similar problems with
> Vegas 8 on Vista found that by "switching out" the "aviplug.dll," that
> solves the problem but not in my case:
> I specifically bought this new version of Vegas because it said on the box
> it was Vista compatible. Obviously, it's not judging by the number of
> customers with the same problem.
> Does anyone have a solution for this issue yet?

For what it's worth, it runs fine on my Vista Business-equipped laptop. I
haven't used it much yet, however -- I'm still a Premiere Pro person.

> T.B.



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