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Re: Sony Vegas 8 Unable to Run on Vista?

Posted by T.B. on 02/01/08 04:14

"PTravel" <> wrote in message
> "T.B." <> wrote in message
> news:47a2358d$0$30712$
>>I recently bought Sony Vegas Studio 8 specifically because it's advertised
>>as being Windows Vista compatible, plus I have an older version of Vegas
>>and for the most part, really liked the software and had few if any
>>problems with it.
>> However, once I installed the software, it fails to initiallize, and
>> crashes as it's loading the "audio engine." I updated the software to
>> the latest version (8.0c) with no change in the problem. I spent much of
>> a day earlier this week going back and forth with a Sony tech trying to
>> solve the problem, doing things like uninstalling *all* Sony Creative
>> software and installed vegas first, disabling all but the most essential
>> processes running in task manager and disabling my sound card drivers. No
>> effect.
>> FWIW, my pc is a HPm9040, 32 bit, running Vista Home Premium. I have the
>> latest version of Quicktime, my version of Vista is completly up to date,
>> there's no memory, hard drive, hardware or software or *any* other
>> obvious issues that would cause this sort of problem. It should also be
>> mentioned that the latest versions of Sony's Soundforge and DVD Architect
>> seems to run fine.
>> By reading many other threads on several a/v forums, I can see that my
>> problem of Vegas 8 crashing during application start-up under Windows
>> Vista is far from an isolated case. Some people with similar problems
>> with Vegas 8 on Vista found that by "switching out" the "aviplug.dll,"
>> that solves the problem but not in my case:
>> I specifically bought this new version of Vegas because it said on the
>> box it was Vista compatible. Obviously, it's not judging by the number of
>> customers with the same problem.
>> Does anyone have a solution for this issue yet?
> For what it's worth, it runs fine on my Vista Business-equipped laptop. I
> haven't used it much yet, however -- I'm still a Premiere Pro person.

I guess that kind of dovetails into what may be my next question even if it
moves away from the reason I posted here.

I really liked the older versions of Sony Vegas that I've used 'til the
present, and I'm considering the jump to Premier. I'm not doing any HD
video for at least the next year or so, it's all standard def NTSC simple
stereo. However, I do a lot of precise editing and fairly involved graphics
including some blue/green screen chroma key that I simply don't find the
ability to do in other sub $150 video editing programs like Pinnacle Studio.

Basically, should I consider just going with Premier or is there another
option I may be missing? And if Premier is the next step up from Vegas 8,
are there any serious issues running with Windows Vista? I generally have
found all other Adobe software to be virtually problem free on Vista and I'm
assuming Premier is as well.




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