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Re: Sony Vegas 8 Unable to Run on Vista?

Posted by MG on 02/01/08 18:58

"Arny Krueger" <> wrote in message
> "T.B." <> wrote in message
> news:47a29cc9$0$24082$
>> I really liked the older versions of Sony Vegas that I've
>> used 'til the present, and I'm considering the jump to
>> Premier. I'm not doing any HD video for at least the
>> next year or so, it's all standard def NTSC simple
>> stereo. However, I do a lot of precise editing and
>> fairly involved graphics including some blue/green screen
>> chroma key that I simply don't find the ability to do in
>> other sub $150 video editing programs like Pinnacle
>> Studio.
> I don't know exactly what you are doing, but Premiere Elements 4.0 does
> pretty well with chroma key and other kinds of precise editing. Based on
> what I see over on the related forums, it seems to work pretty well under
> both XP and Vista. Under $100.
I'll second Premiere Elements, so it's a fair assumption that Pro would work
as well. I personally would rather switch than go through as much trouble
as you appear to be going through. Even if you get it to work, it might be
only a matter of time until some new problem crops up.


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