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Re: Toshiba's New Marketing Campaign Is "Proving Effective"

Posted by Marlin Singer on 02/01/08 22:08

Derek Janssen wrote:
> Matthew Vaughan wrote:
>> "Tarkus" <> wrote in message
>>> I'm reminded of "Ghost Whisperer," when people don't know they're dead
>>> yet. Except this is more humorous.
>> You're right, Sony is going to waste away a few more $ billion before
>> they
>> realize that Blu Ray actually lost.
>> Regardless of whether HD DVD "wins" or "loses"
> (Or whether it "sells" or doesn't "sell"...Ah, the power of quotation
> marks!)
>> I think Blu Ray is going to "lose".
> (So, this's another one of those quote-fingers ambituities, then?)
>> People aren't going to put up with the cr*p that is Blu Ray, with
>> all its extra DRM, region coding, incompatibilities, broken features,
>> playback issues, high prices, and other problems (and without giving any
>> value-added or convenience other than more audio and video resolution).
> Unless they've already got a PS3, and went out and got that LCD for the
> SuperBowl.
> (How many think this starting to sound like Norm MacDonald's SNL bits
> during the Bill Clinton/Bob Dole election?:
> "Sony responded to Toshiba's charges, saying 'Yeah, you're probably
> right, and oh, did we mention, we're gonna win anyway. :-P ")
> Derek Janssen
Just another little nail. In the coffin.



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