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VIDEO for TRADE / SWAP: REAL amateur housewives/grilfriends/real videos!!!

Posted by videotrader821 on 02/02/08 05:01

VIDEO for TRADE / SWAP: REAL amateur housewives/grilfriends/real videos!!!

Especially seeking older (35 and up) wives/girls with younger guys, with
husbands wastching is always a plus, but I collect and trade anything /
I collect and trade only the BEST....REAL amateur housewives /
girl-next-door / home made movies / etc etc....I have one of the best
collections on the Internet of REAL (or seemingly real, not the fake
semi-pro, although there are some semi-pro that have the true feel of
"real" home-made vids, etc etc....I am NOT seeking the semi-pro/video
store/Buttman/ etc etc...)....but most of what I have is REAL people, REAL
amateurs, not Pros!

If you have REAL or real-like vids or mpegs / video files / wmv / etc, but
I prefer DVD... and you are seeking to trade,
email MUST be willing to send first as I have been burnt in the
past and, well, never again..this is non-negotiable, as I am not some
desperate kid seeking any video I can get, etc....I have one of the BEST
collections of REAL stuff anywhere, and am seeking true traders/swappers
I've sseen some of the "BangBus" and "Dogfart" and similar....some look
like what they are (pro/semi etc), some look and feel like the REAL
thing...I am only seeking REAL type, and have many that are REAL actual
first-time on video, or hubby posted their best "sex romp " to get a
thrill, etc etc....I have the best of the best, yet always seeking more....
You have...??????

email me to discuss, with an idea of what you have, etc etc



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