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Re: Toshiba's New Marketing Campaign Is "Proving Effective"

Posted by ZVR on 02/02/08 01:04

> If I had a hammer...

Yeah, you're right: everybody is going to dump HD-DVD now because some
shitty niche production house went Beta Ray. Come on, Sony fanbois, we know
you can do better than that. Postings like that harm your own credibility...
oh sorry, I forgot, Sony and credibility don't belong in the same phrase! If
there is one thing your beloved Sony excels at, is the PR/marketing
bullshit. So yeah, if hype is all that matters to you, run to the nearest
store and buy a shitty, non-upgradeable, Betaray profile 1.1 player at three
times the current price of a fully functional HD-DVD unit.

I am glad to report that many people are smarter than that, as evidenced by
the fact that I had to visit 4 (four) Futureshop/Best Buy stores here in
Toronto tonight, to find one that still had HD-A3 in stock!



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