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Re: Toshiba's New Marketing Campaign Is "Proving Effective"

Posted by ZVR on 02/02/08 02:28

> Um...there would be a lot more on the shelves if Futureshop or Best Buy
> REPLACED their stock. Which they've already announced they don't plan to.

Bullshit and an outright lie. I asked them about that and they ARE ordering

Where is your source? That's right, you don't have one, 'cause all you Sony
fanbois do, is spread lies, disinformation and paint HD-DVD in black.

BTW, latest NPD report (just came out 2 days ago) shows that the so-called
BR/HDDVD sales figures showing a 93:7 ratio were misconstrued, and skewed
because of the "free Betaray player with HDTV" offers. HDDVD is back to
normal - pretty much what it was before Warner's announcement:

And with the new HD-DVD pricing, we'll talk in a month from now.



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