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Re: iTunes removes songs

Posted by Broadway Blue on 09/11/07 16:16

NRen2k5 wrote:
> Broadway Blue wrote:
>> wrote:
>>> So short of not using iTunes at all, I am pretty much SOL? Nothing
>>> like having you hands tied by software.....
>> That's the way Apple designed it! You need to use iTunes to use an
>> iPod properly. Some people like it, some people don't. That's the
>> choices you make when you purchase an MP3 player. Personally, keeping
>> your MP3's in the iTunes library for syncing with an iPod is hardly
>> the end of the World, even if you use Winamp to play them.
> That's not true. The problem here is synching behaviour, not iTunes
> itself.

What part isn't true? iTunes itself cannot add tracks to an iPod without
syncing. Yes you can set iTunes not to sync, but the original poster
wouldn't be able to add any additional tracks to his music that way. And
Apple did design it that way. They didn't mean you to get software to
bypass iTunes!

> You can use programs other than iTunes.

There's programs that will treat an iPod like a Flash USB drive.
But that's not how Apple designed it. An iPod is meant to sync with
iTunes. But copying MP3 files from one PC to another and using the
iTunes library is not the big chore that people make out, and is easier
than searching the net for software to bypass iTunes! iTunes works
perfectly well if people use it properly. If the OP could get his MP3's in
to his iTunes library on his PC, his songs wouldn't be deleted. It's not
rocket science!



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