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Re: The latest DRM-free offerings?

Posted by Broadway Blue on 09/11/07 16:24

Thomas G. Marshall wrote:
> Now that several download music providers including Apple seem to be
> stepping into the DRM-free music world for major releases and not just
> independent stuff (about time), have any providers floated to the
> top? Any music supplier for MP3 or WMA that people here like?
> Apple seems to be the biggest player in this, but they're a
> proprietary format and I'm looking for wma/mp3.

And WMA isn't proprietary?! Actually the AAC file format does not belong
to Apple, but more MP3 players will play WMA files than AAC at the moment.
But I haven't seen any DRM free WMA files around. But 7Digital do MP3's @
320kbps, no DRM of course.

The "iTunes Plus" no DRM AAC files @ 256kbps, will play on any non-iPods
that support AAC files.



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