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Re: iTunes removes songs

Posted by NRen2k5 on 09/11/07 20:35

Broadway Blue wrote:
> NRen2k5 wrote:
>> Broadway Blue wrote:
>>> wrote:
>>>> So short of not using iTunes at all, I am pretty much SOL?
>>>> Nothing like having you hands tied by software.....
>>> That's the way Apple designed it! You need to use iTunes to use
>>> an iPod properly. Some people like it, some people don't. That's
>>> the choices you make when you purchase an MP3 player.
>>> Personally, keeping your MP3's in the iTunes library for syncing
>>> with an iPod is hardly the end of the World, even if you use
>>> Winamp to play them.
>> That's not true. The problem here is synching behaviour, not iTunes
>> itself.
> What part isn't true?iTunes itself cannot add tracks to an iPod
> without syncing. Yes you can set iTunes not to sync, but the original
> poster wouldn't be able to add any additional tracks to his music
> that way.

Enable “Only sync checked items” and “Manually manage music and videos.”
On “music” menu under the iPod, uncheck the items you don’t want to be
deleted on sync.

> And Apple did design it that way. They didn't mean you to get
> software to bypass iTunes!

So? They didn’t bother to try to make it bulletproof like DRM either.

>> You can use programs other than iTunes.
> There's programs that will treat an iPod like a Flash USB drive. But
> that's not how Apple designed it. An iPod is meant to sync with
> iTunes. But copying MP3 files from one PC to another and using the
> iTunes library is not the big chore that people make out, and is
> easier than searching the net for software to bypass iTunes! iTunes
> works perfectly well if people use it properly. If the OP could get
> his MP3's in to his iTunes library on his PC, his songs wouldn't be
> deleted. It's not rocket science!

No, it isn’t. Heck, you can even use the iPod itself for the job (in
Disk Mode).



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