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Anybody getting "YesterDayUSA" on AMC-3 ??

Posted by Pseud O. Nym on 10/03/07 17:53

I know that this is a question about FTA Ku-band MPEG, but the newsgroup appears to be dead so I am crossposting to
both groups.

According to the info at

this feed is available at on both Galaxy-11 and AMC-3, but the info
about how to receive the feed on AMC-3 does not make any sense and
I have been unable to figure it out. I have no problem receiving
it on Galaxy-11. I have been listening to it on G-11 for years.

During his live comments Bill Bragg often encourages listeners
to go to the above-mentioned web page for information about
their two feeds. It would be nice if I could get the AMC-3 feed
because I have a separate fixed dish which is directed at AMC-3
for the PBS feeds. It would be nice to just switch over to
this feed and not have to wait for the dish to move.

My receiver is an older unit that does not have blind search so
if anyone can find and post the info, it would be
much appreciated.





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