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Re: Anybody getting "YesterDayUSA" on AMC-3 ??

Posted by alt on 10/11/07 20:56

My skyview won't let me receive either of these, but its fairly simple to
set up.

As this is an audio-only station, setting the Video PID to 0 is supposed
to tell the receiver that this is a radio station, and not a TV station.
Then it is a matter of selecting that station from your receiver in Radio
mode (if you have that mode).

On Wed, 03 Oct 2007 17:53:17 +0000, Pseud O. Nym wrote:

> I know that this is a question about FTA Ku-band MPEG, but the newsgroup
> appears to be dead so I am crossposting to
> both groups.
> According to the info at
> this feed is available at on both Galaxy-11 and AMC-3, but the info
> about how to receive the feed on AMC-3 does not make any sense and
> I have been unable to figure it out. I have no problem receiving
> it on Galaxy-11. I have been listening to it on G-11 for years.
> During his live comments Bill Bragg often encourages listeners
> to go to the above-mentioned web page for information about
> their two feeds. It would be nice if I could get the AMC-3 feed
> because I have a separate fixed dish which is directed at AMC-3
> for the PBS feeds. It would be nice to just switch over to
> this feed and not have to wait for the dish to move.
> My receiver is an older unit that does not have blind search so
> if anyone can find and post the info, it would be
> much appreciated.
> Thanks,



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